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How Fast Will I See Improvements After I Start TRT?

How Soon Will I See Results After Starting Testosterone Therapy?

how long does testosterone teake to kick in after you start TRT in JUpiter at NovaGenix

Often patients come in and ask how long will it take before they start feeling improvements after they begin TRT. There's many different factors which will indicate the rate of which patients will begin to see improvements in their health and quality-of-life. To answer that question we will dive back into one of the more important factors which is "what are the true symptoms of low testosterone?"
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  • A lower Drive in one's desire to be with members of the opposite gender, romantically certainly one of the biggest symptoms that we see. 
  • Hormonal fluctuations mood changes and hot flashes often will be experienced by men who suffer from low testosterone levels. 
  • ED or difficulty getting the "rocket to launch off the pad" is extremely common and fortunately treatable. 
  • Decreased semen volume. 
  • Hair loss
  • Lack of energy and fatigue. 
  • Decrease in muscle mass with an increase in body fat. 
  • A decrease in bone mass. 
  • Poor sleep quality and restlessness. 
  • Mood changes, irritability and lack of focus. 

Since humans are inherently individual and unique, The rate at which one experiences improvements will vary from one person to the next. As a general reference point we have found that the majority of men with symptoms of low T who are under a physicians medically supervised hormone replacement program will see dramatic improvements. The treatment usually will start to work sometime around the 2nd to 3rd week but will become way more noticeable after the first four weeks of Therapy. The first symptom that you will notice is improved interest in your romantic Drive and often improvement in overall mood after just six weeks of treatment. Typically speaking there is a plateau between months two and three where the treatment options are kicked into high gear and patients notice markable changes and improvements. 
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The best way to learn about how you can benefit from this type of therapy is to speak with me medically Licensed expert who will be able to detail how treatment works and what to expect. 

Call us today for a free consultation and to determine if this type of therapy may be right for you. You can learn why so many men have benefited from a simple phone call....Don't the life you want to live pass you by.

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