Thursday, October 24, 2019

How To Improve Low Sex Drive in Men

At NovaGenix We Help Treat Low Sex Drive For Men in Jupiter, Florida

Decreased Interest in Sex is a Common Problem in Men

It’s extremely common for men, especially as we age but something that few of us are looking forward to discuss. Having a decreased sex drive or low libido, is a common issue for men, especially and many men feel that their “manhood” is closely tied to their ability to have sex and that if they no longer have a desire to have sex, that there must be a problem with who they are and their masculinity.  There’s a common idea that real men “want it” all the time, however it turns out that there may be some very basic underlying reasons as to why a man might have a decreased desire to have sex. It turns out that lots of guys will suffer from having a low sex drive, for many different reasons and fortunately there’s many ways to treat it. At NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida, we treat men that have decreased sex drives and erectile dysfunction as well as low testosterone all the time. We have helped hundreds of men suffering from sexual dysfunction with great results in our Palm Beach County medical clinic.

What Causes Low Sex Drive in Men?

 In regards to the physical issues that may cause having a low libido for men, some may include having sub optimal hormone levels or low testosterone (Low T), as well as taking certain prescription medications, going to the gym either too little or too much, and the consumption of alcohol and illegal recreational drug use. Some of the psychological issues could include depression, high stress, or problems with their partner or relationship.
A big reason for guys having zero interest in sex is when they have low testosterone. As men age, they typically lose anywhere from about 1-2% of their testosterone annually and by time men hit their 40s, it becomes noticeable. TRT or testosterone replacement therapy as it’s known, is a common and effective solution to the problem and can be very safe when done under the guidance of a licensed and experienced physician.

TRT can help burn fat, build muscle, increase sexual desire and performance including one’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. This creates a cascading effect on both men and their partners as the man is more confident and their partner becomes more attracted and aroused by them. This leads to sex becoming more frequent and enjoyable as a result and both partners feeling intimate, closer and happier. It’s usually not just one issue that causes low libido for men. If you're worried because your sex drive has dropped, schedule a time to speak to experts like the medical team a NovaGenix who are experts in men’s health. Call 561-277-8260 to schedule a free initial consultation and evaluation.

How Is Low Sex Drive Treated in Men?

With some many possible causes, treatments may vary but could include:
  • Making Healthier lifestyle choices can improve overall health and hormone levels. If a man improves their diet, gets regular exercise and does strength training like weightlifting, reduces stress, avoids alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs, gets more sleep, they may notice an improvement in their libido.
  • Talk to your doctor about changing any medications that may be contributing to a decreased libido.
  • Look into starting TRT (Testosterone replacement therapy).
  • Therapy or Sex counseling may be an excellent option as well.

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