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How can men raise testosterone levels and why TRT may be a good option for combating hormonal deficiencies in men.

How To Increase Testosterone And Why Low T Therapy Can Help Elevate Hormone Levels.

Testosterone therapy or TRT has helped men improve their health and wellness. 

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In the past century the life expectancy of men has almost doubled. More and more men are living into their 50s, 60s, 70s and more. We are starting to notice a positive trend with men taking control of their health and exercising regularly, consuming a healthy diet, getting enough rest to help them maintain energy, vitality and fight off disease and illness. Another trend amongst middle-age men is that many are opting to optimize their hormones levels through TRT, also known as testosterone replacement therapy.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?
To understand what TRT is, one needs to ask the question, what is testosterone?
Testosterone is the hormone which is responsible for the developing external genital in men, as well as their secondary sexual characteristics. It is produced and regulated by the endocrine system in a complex series of events beginning with the hypothalamus and involving the pituitary gland and testes.

Testosterone is pivotal in developing lean muscle mass, increasing bone mineral density, the production of red blood cells and helping regulate sexual and reproductive functioning in men. Testosterone plays in extremely important role in a male’s energy level, mood and well-being. As men age, they begin to lose between one and 2% of their total testosterone each year.

In men, having low testosterone or sub optimal hormone levels, is known as male hypogonadism. There are many factors which may influence a body in not producing enough testosterone. There could be issues with the testicles, pituitary gland or hypothalamus. It’s often extremely difficult to pinpoint which of the areas may be responsible for low testosterone levels, mostly due to the fact that it’s usually several contributing factors which leads to the diagnosis of “Male Antopause”, or Low T.  Learn more about the androgen deficiency in aging males test and take an online quiz to see if you may have low T here:

So what are some of the signs of low testosterone in men?

ü  Decreased muscle mass
ü  Increased gain in abdominal fat
ü  Low energy and fatigue
ü  Brain fog and difficulty concentrating
ü  Irritability and moodiness
ü  Erectile dysfunction
ü  Infertility
ü  Decreased sex drive

How can I raise my testosterone levels?
There’s two ways that one can raise their testosterone. Trying to raise your levels naturally takes a lot of work and may only be minimally effective. Ironically these are things that we should all be doing anyway, regardless of what our free and total testosterone levels are!

Strength training and exercise.
One of the most important and effective ways to remain healthy is a consistent exercise routine. This will avoid many issues with mobility and lifestyle related diseases and illnesses. It also will help increase testosterone levels in men. Weight training in particular, is associated with higher testosterone levels, as well as an increased lifespan. High intensity interval training is also a good option in linked to better overall health and higher testosterone levels.

Proper nutrition
One of the single biggest factors in optimizing a man’s natural testosterone levels is the diet they consume. Having a balanced diet certainly will maximize the bodies potential to synthesize hormones. Making sure there is a balance between protein, fats and carbs is extremely important as well as consuming enough cholesterol, vitamin D rich foods and being well hydrated can all help improve testosterone production.

Vitamin D and zinc
Both vitamin D and zinc are linked to testosterone production. Obviously too much is a bad thing, however taking a vitamin D and zinc supplement as recommended by your physician can help optimize your ability to manufacture testosterone naturally.  A diet that is rich in healthy, whole foods are one of the best ways to take in micro nutrients, however vitamin and mineral supplementation may help improve body‘s metabolism and ability to maintain the right hormonal balance.

Eliminating stress
By minimizing stress as much as possible, you will decrease your cortisol levels. Studies are showing the dangers of long-term stress on persons overall health. This stress will elevate quarters or hormones which will decrease testosterone level significantly. Often cortisol increases are associated with weight gain which also accelerate the process of lowering natural testosterone in men. But eating right, having a well balanced diet rich in whole foods and exercising regularly, One can help minimize some of the physical damage caused by elevated stress, however having healthy relationships and balance between family, friends and work, the source of stress may continue to be an issue. If not dealt with, it will be a long term endocrine disruptor and ultimately lower testosterone levels. One way this can be done is by getting lots of sleep.
The importance of getting rest and sleep for increasing testosterone.

Equally as important as diet and exercise in many physician’s opinion is rest. It’s easy to see the detrimental effects that lack of sleep has on someone. You only need to look into a person’s eyes to see the negative effect that lack of rest has on a person. In a short amount of time, the body will begin to decrease production of several important hormones. Testosterone being one of them. There are studies dating back to 1997 that have been performed which have demonstrated that an extra hour of sleep a night will increase a man’s testosterone levels on average by 15%.

One of the reasons why one may want to increase their testosterone levels is to improve their overall health. Studies have shown links between low T and obesity and increased disease risks as well as early morbidity. A healthy endocrine system and well optimize testosterone levels can help men take positive steps towards improving their overall health and quality-of-life.

The secondary option to increase testosterone levels is by utilizing supplemental testosterone injections. This is known as testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. For many men, with low testosterone Who have tried to increase it naturally, testosterone replacement may be an option, when natural methods fail to bring values within healthy normal ranges. Supplemental testosterone injections with other medications May be an option for men who have hypogonadism.
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Is TRT Safe? How NovaGenix Testosterone Replacement in Jupiter, Florida can help

Investigating the safety of TRT programs from experienced specialists like the medical team at NovaGenix in Palm Beach County.

Jupiter's premiere TRT clinic discusses the safety or hormone therapy for men.

TRT for men in South Florida at NovaGenix

Many people ask "Is TRT Safe" or "Is TRT Worth It?" "Do I need to do TRT forever?" We get our guidance from our medical director and from guidance from organizations like the AUA. The American Urological Association was founded in 1902 and are the premier urologic association in the world. They provide invaluable support and guidance to the urologic community of healthcare professionals and practitioners. They promote the highest standards of urological clinical care through education, research and by formulating health care policies for physicians and offer evidenced based research and help in creating a medical diagnosis and dosing protocols for conditions like male hypogonadism and the treatment with testosterone therapy, also known as TRT.

NovaGenix TRT for men with Low Testosterone 

Q: What is low-T, and how do I know or find out if I have low testosterone?
A: Low-Testosterone or Low-T is also known as male hypogonadism, which occurs when a male doesn’t produce enough testosterone in their body. Testosterone is a man’s sex hormone which is one of the primary drivers of how boys develop into men. This hormone becomes prominent during puberty and is the biggest influencer in developing the physical characteristics of men, i.e. body and facial hair, muscle development, deepening of the voice etc.…. Testosterone levels can also greatly affect men’s sex drive, ability to achieve and maintain erections, overall mood, lean muscle mass, body fat, and bone mineral density. Testosterone is also important in the normal production of sperm.
You may have low-testosterone if you have the following problems:
  • reduced libido (sex drive)
  • less frequent engagement in sexual activities
  • weaker and less frequent erections
  • fatigue and less energy
  • feelings of depression
  • decreased muscle mass and strength
  • increase in body fat
  • anemia (low blood iron)
  • loss of bone mineral density and strength
If you think you might have low testosterone, it’s very important to see a doctor like the experts at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida, who will examine you and evaluate your health history. A simple blood test can measure your testosterone levels.

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

Q: How can I found out if TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy is right for me?
A: If you think you have one or more symptoms of low testosterone, it’s important to make sure you have andropause and not something else which may be exacerbated by non-treatment or TRT. Many symptoms of low-T can be caused by other health issues which is why an in-person exam, blood test, and medical history are vital. As an example, erectile dysfunction (ED) is often caused by poor circulation and cardiovascular health, so making sure you have a healthy heart becomes priority number 1. TRT can absolutely help men with low-T, and change their lives, however, you should not taking testosterone if you don’t actually have low T.
Before you take TRT, you should visit a clinic like NovaGenix, that specializes in HRT for men with Low Testosterone. A doctor who is trained in testing, diagnosing and treating low-T should examine you carefully and take a detailed medical history, giving you a simple physical exam and performing blood testing to check your blood health and hormone levels. The doctor should speak with you about the benefits, possible side effects and risks prior to starting TRT. You and the doctor can then best decide whether HRT is right for you.
Q: What are other possible risks or side effects from TRT?
A: The are a few possible side effects and risks that could be caused by TRT:
  • acne (pimples)
  • breast swelling or nipple soreness (usually from high estrogen)
  • increased red blood cell count (hematocrit)
  • swelling (edema) in the feet or ankles
  • reduced size in testicles
  • reduced sperm county or infertility
Low T Therapy in Palm Beach County Florida

TRT can possibly lower sperm production so men wishing to conceive should speak to the doctor about how to counter this possible side effect. Men with advanced prostate cancer should avoid taking TRT because it may increase the rate that the prostate cancer grows but should be noted that the Urological society came out with a definitive study showing no relation to TRT and cancer, yet it could make the cancer worse for someone who goes on it. (see link for info on the TRT not causing prostate cancer)
Q: A final thought about TRT?
A: It is important to talk with your doctor about both of the benefits and possible risks involved with starting testosterone replacement. If both you and the doctor feel that TRT is right for you, you should have regular check-ups and follow up with blood tests for free and total testosterone levels, estradiol, PSA a CBC and CMP at a minimum. The PSA is a test for prostate health, and hematocrit is included with the CBC and measures how many red blood cells you have based on your total blood volume.

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Tiger Woods: 2019 PGA Master's Champion from Jupiter, Florida had received PRP to heal his injuries

Green Jacket Winner Tiger Woods Made an Incredible Comeback in Augusta, With Some Help From Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP.

Tiger Wood: 2019 PGA Masters Champion.

PRP helps Golfer's and other athletes recover faster from injuries so that they can continue to play the sport they love. 

It’s no secret that Platelet Rich Plasma is making a name for itself at a very rapid pace, which has many amateur and professional athletes taking notice. 2019 PGA Master’sChampion Tiger Woods had quite a serious injury to his ACL back in 2008. Because the ACL ligament is responsible for the rotational stability of our knees, damage to this ligament and the knee joint can change the trajectory of a golfer’s career. The time lost playing and practice that comes with this type of injury and healing/therapy involved with it makes it a minimum of nine months off the greens. For someone like Woods in the prime of their career, he needed to do anything he could to get healthy and made the wise decision to take look into regenerative medicine to heal his body. PRP helps golfers recover from injuries keeping them off the green.

NovaGenix PRP Clinic in Jupiter, Florida

PRP or, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, is a newer regenerative medicine treatment gaining popularity that can be used to help repair and bring back both mobility and strength to patients injured ligaments and tendons. The goal of PRP is to separate and concentrate your body’s natural healing cells, known as cytokines and growth factors from the platelets that are contained within our plasma to help dramatically speed up the process of healing overall. PRP is non-invasive as we only draw a small amount of blood and requires almost zero downtime, which, making it perfect for people with jobs that they need to be active in, like fire, police, construction workers etc.…, or athletes looking to return faster to their sports as quickly as they can.

Tiger Woods had received a total of four PRP injections intohis left knee. They are almost painless as the area can be anesthetized locally to minimize discomfort. You’ll be able to walk out immediately after your injection. The results for the platelet rich plasma treatments were incredible for the Jupiter, Florida Golfer, which then had him use PRP again on his Achilles' tendons soon after. The rest, as they say, is history as Woods has made of the most incredible comebacks in sports history and looks to be in phenomenal shape once again.

Learn More About PRP From Any Of The Links Below.

The experience of the clinic and physician is extremely important as there are several nuances involved in regenerative medicine.  PRP injections are learned over time with training and experience, which is why our clinic has had such tremendous success and come with such experience.  At NovaGenix we have helped hundreds of patients recover with PRP and have one of the most highly trained, educated and qualified teams in the area. Feel free to call us for a FREE consultation to learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma and how PRP can help you improve the way you live your life without pain without having to have surgery.

learn more about PRP injections near me here

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Testosterone Therapy and The Benefits of TRT Injections for Men in South Florida

Low Treatment at NovaGenix is Palm Beach County's best HRT clinic. Learn about the benefits of Testosterone Therapy and hor you can get started with TRT in Jupiter, Florida.

Test, Diagnose and Treat low T at NovaGenix, TRT experts in Jupiter.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone found in males that helps men in many more ways than just providing them with a healthy “drive.” A man’s hormone levels, especially free and total testosterone, affect many other factors in a man’s health which include regulation of body fat production of lean muscle mass, proper bone density, healthy red blood cell levels and regulation of mood and sleep. 

Normal testosterone levels have typically ranged from about 250 ng/dL to 1100 ng/dL with many factors that can contribute to the wide variation in the values. Things such as age, genetics, lifestyle choices, diet, stress, and other factors may contribute to higher or lower values within men.  When patients come into our Jupiter office, located at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Suite 106 Jupiter, FL 33458, we can help them get the necessary blood tests required to diagnose for low T. For some of the patients who qualify, we may be able to put them on testosterone replacement therapy and the vast majority of patients prefer testosterone cypionate injections.
There are many symptoms for men suffering from low T.  As males, we begin to lose our testosterone often starting in our 20s and it’s typically not until our mid-30s to early 40s, that we notice the changes due to the many symptoms of low testosterone. These often include changes in your sex drive, ED, decreased sperm count, anxiety and depression as well as mood fluctuations, Weight gain typically from increased body fat with decreased muscle tone, Hot flashes, irritability and poor sleep quality to name a few. 

To diagnose low testosterone, we will have an in-person consultation to discuss your symptoms as well as past and present medical history. We will do a thorough lab panel which includes testing your blood for free and total testosterone levels, estradiol, a complete metabolic panel with complete blood count and a PSA. 

Some of the potential benefits of TRT but NovaGenix in Palm Beach County include some of the following:

Increased drive. TRT can substantially improve your performance in the bedroom.
Improved symptoms of ED. Many men on TRT described remarkable improvements down below. 
Increased energy. Often men come to us with symptoms of fatigue and TRT helps give them the energy they need to know just navigate through the day but to take charge and own it. 
Better mood. Men feel better on TRT so naturally when they feel better their moods improve.  Together with increased confidence, TOT helps men feel like their old selves again. 
Decreased body fat. Testosterone will help generate more lean body mass and get rid of that abdominal fat around the midsection. Testosterone can help regulate fat distribution. 

Like any other medication, not everyone should Beyond TRT. If someone has pre-existing liver, heart issues or prostate enlargement, testosterone replacement may be contraindicated. By seeking the advice of a qualified medical professional such as the physicians at NovaGenix, you can be assured that your health is in good hands and if testosterone replacement therapy would benefit you, we would help to test, diagnose and treat you for low T. 
Countless men are starting testosterone replacement therapy and their only regret is not having started sooner. 

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What Blood Tests Do I Need To Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

What blood work is required for beginning testosterone therapy for men who think they have low T?

NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida can help get your labwork done to begin TRT in Palm Beach County.

For men wishing to start testosterone replacement therapy, it’s important to make sure that you get the right blood tests to determine if TRT is something that would be beneficial to them. It’s important for men to properly monitor their hormone levels by performing the right labs and blood work to ensure that their hormone levels are balanced and optimized so that they can begin to feel their best and get the most health benefits from treatment. Lab results a physical exam and an ADAM Test (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males) (Click HERE to take the ADAM test online)

At a minimum, to start testosterone replacement therapy, the following panels listed should be performed, but are by no means the only tests that could or will be performed by your provider. More thorough panels are great in the sense that more information is always a good thing regarding your health, however the more comprehensive the blood tests are, the more expensive they can be, so ask ahead of time how much labs will cost to start TRT through the clinic as some business charge more for labs than others.

At a minimum to start Low T therapy, we would start with Total Testosterone. Most men who start TRT want to see their levels rise above 500 ng/dl. This is the area where patients really see the improvements while on Low t therapy. Typical total testosterone ranges in men vary from around 250 to 1100 and certainly age and lifestyle choices will place groups within various sub-sections on this scale. For example, an active 22-year-old male will have a higher average testosterone value than a sedentary 60-year-old male averaged out across the population. All research and literature point to the benefits of TRT on an individual’s health with having their hormones levels with the upper quartile of the standard ranges.

Free testosterone is also extremely important as it measures the amount of bioavailable testosterone in the body. Many patients come in with their serum or total testosterone levels seemingly normal, however, their free testosterone tells a different story. Many patients may have testosterone being tied up or bound by Albium or sex hormone binding globulin, (SHBG). Despite the testes producing a significant quantity of testosterone, there is very little left to be used for the individual which will lead them to feel the symptoms of male hypogonadism, so we need both values of Free and Total Testosterone to diagnose and treat men.

Estradiol is another important test for men thinking about starting HRT. We often find that healthcare practitioners who are not as knowledgeable in HRT as they should/could be, will neglect to run this test. The reality is a male’s estrogen levels are extremely important in how they feel. You want your estrogen levels to be neither too high, nor too low. Knowing your estradiol levels will allow a practitioner to prescribe the appropriate estrogen blocker and help determine the amount of aromatization of testosterone into estrogen. Determining your baseline and seeing how much it changes while on TRT is important in making sure that the patient feels better while on treatment. When estrogen levels are too low, a person may become fatigued and if estrogen levels are too high, they may develop unwanted symptoms like gynecomastia and/or have mood swings, low libido, muscle loss, ED and more. Knowing your levels will help the physician in adjusting medications properly and allowance for successful treatment.

PSA or prostate specific antigen is an important test for starting TRT. Is the first step in determining whether or not there’s potential enlargement/cancer of the prostate. The American Urological Association has come out with the definitive report that states testosterone therapy does not cause prostate cancer, however, in some patients there could be some enlargement which is not advisable for someone with prostate cancer. By assessing the PSA, a skilled physician can evaluate the lab results and determine the risk factor. If the PSA is over 4.0, it’s recommended to follow up with the urologist and possibly get an ultrasound to evaluate the possible risk of prostate cancer or tumors.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Help Pro Athletes Recover From Injuries at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

CBS12 News Reporter Kara Duffy Visited NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida To Learn About PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Treatments.

Watch Full Interview By Clicking The Image Above

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Helped ProFighter and BJJ World Champion Herbert "The Blaze" Burns Heal From Knee Injuries In Time To Compete For Another World Title.

Having treated hundreds of patients with platelet rich plasma including professional athletes, first responders, veterans and more... NovaGenix is the premier anti-aging and regenerative medicine clinic in South Florida.

Recently in our Jupiter, Florida clinic, we were interviewed by CBS 12 news reporter Kara Duffy on the process and procedures involved with PRP therapy. It starts with drawing a small amount of a patient’s blood and concentrating the platelets. We can then inject them into the point of injury or chronic pain to help the body heal faster and more effectively. We can help patients heal faster so that they could continue competing without the need for surgical intervention and lengthy recovery. We’ve seen men and women well into their 70s and 80s recover from conditions like chronic back, hip or knee pain which had been preventing them from doing the things they enjoy like playing golf, walking on the beach with friends or just about any hobby you can think of.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about platelet rich plasma therapy can watch the full feature from CBS 12 news by clicking here, or you can call NovaGenix which is located at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Suite 106 Jupiter, FL 33458 at 561-277-8260 or visit us online at