Saturday, June 9, 2018

Stop putting off losing weight...The excuses are getting old and you're wasting time.

Start Losing Weight NOW... Don't Wait Any Longer To Start What You Need To (And Want To) Do Today!

     On an almost daily basis, I hear from people who want to lose weight yet have excuses as to why they can't start. I need to seriously start writing some of these down. It's to the point where I have become numb to the state of denial that many people are living in. Here are a few of the better ones from this past week.

"I just went grocery shopping so I want to start after were finish the food in the house."

"I have a party to go to in a few weeks for my friend who's getting married and  I don't want to start a diet now and then have to break it for the party"

"If I wait till the end of the month, will there be better gym membership discounts?"

     Either you want to lose weight or you don't. There are no excuses that should stop you from beginning a program that will help kick-start your body into weight loss mode and improve your health. The facts are that being overweight (obese) is one of the leading causes of chronic health conditions in the United States and IT IS PREVENTABLE! 

At NovaGenix, We take a 3 part approach to weight loss. 

Diet: You must change what you eat to an extent in order to give your body the right fuel and tools to lose unwanted fat. Our dietary suggestions will help you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Exercise: You'll need to help boost your metabolism and start the process of your body burning fat as fuel. We offer suggestions as to how you burn some extra calories and get tone and look fit.

Medication: Certain prescription medications can help boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat and shed pounds. Our doctor will devise a plan right for you.

We can make up excuses to help ourselves feel better about procrastinating when it comes to weight loss but all we're doing is delaying the process which will make you look, feel and live better.

Why wait? Help yourself NOW...

If you'd like to start a program to get you on the right path, call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260 and visit us at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida 33458

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Do PRP injections really work? NovaGenix can help answer your questions about Platelet Rich Plasma

Do PRP injections really work?

How utilizing your own blood cells can be a treatment for arthritis, muscle strains, tendinopathy, ligament tears and more. 

To answer the question whether or not platelet-rich plasma actually works, one needs to understand the idea behind PRP. By taking your own blood and concentrating just the cells that are responsible for healing the damaged cells and tissue we are able to increase the rate at which the body can actually repair itself. Often with chronic injuries that don’t seem to go away, we are constantly re-injuring and damaging those cells at a rate that’s faster than the body can actually heal. It’s a one step forward two steps back kind of process. By elevating the volume and percentage of platelets in a sample of PRP and then injecting it into the site of injury, we can increase the rate at which the body is able to regenerate the damaged/troubled cells. By stimulating the area that’s otherwise failing, we can potentially help with injuries like tendinitis and arthritis and other acute injuries so that pain is alleviated, mobility restored, and patients can return to a normal lifestyle after having suffered from a lengthy period of time with these chronic conditions an injuries. 

PRP has become extremely popular recently for multiple reasons. Two of the biggest reasons is that for one, people wish to avoid surgery and PRP injections are an excellent nonsurgical minimally invasive alternative. Surgeries are expensive and often have lengthy time frames in regards to healing, recovery and physical therapy. 
Secondly, PRP actually does work. Having performed thousands of injections, we can tell you the success rate is extraordinary. It just makes sense. Your body heals from the inside out, so we concentrate the growth factors and cytokines which are responsible for this healing process and we increase them in total volume and concentration so that they can do their work faster and more efficiently. The results that we have seen have been phenomenal. Where is there is still much research being done, we can tell you that on the front lines we have seen PRP work for a variety of tendons, ligament and musculature injuries as well as with nerve and tissue damage. 

Why does PRP work?

Platelets, as many people know, are the major clotting factors in our blood and they have some very interesting and beneficial properties making them perfect for helping accelerate the process of healing. Platelet’s play a vital role in tissue repair and regeneration particularly when they regulate Cellular migration as well as proliferation and angiogenesis. Platelets are attracted to areas where cellular and tissue damage has occurred and they begin to release several growth factors which are responsible for coordinating the healing process to begin inside the human body. Bathing the area with a tremendous volume of nutrient-rich PRP via a simple injection, we are able to stimulate the body to heal naturally. Platelets are natural anti-inflammatories so it will help reduce inflammation and patients which is an additional benefit for those suffering from conditions like tendinitis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. PRP has even been used for facial rejuvenation and PRP for hair loss successfully. 

One of the largest problems with PRP becoming a mainstream therapy is that there are so many different ways to prepare a sample that this lack of standardization has been slowing down the forward progress of PRP becoming more universal. We can tell you that if you go to five different clinics offering therapy you will probably see five different ways in which PRP is being prepared. This is it precisely the reason why it’s so important to seek medical care and treatment from an experienced clinic such as NovaGenix. We utilize state of the art equipment specifically designed to maximize the concentration of platelets in a sample. By using the latest techniques with the best equipment on the market, we can guarantee concentrations much greater above baseline than other practitioners and have the evidence to support it. Studies have been done showing platelet concentrations and we’re confident to say that we are able to harvest billions of cells. 

With so many clinics and medical providers beginning to offer PRP, how do you know which one to choose? When it comes to your health it’s probably not in your best interest to go with the cheapest solution. You don’t always have to pick the most expensive option, but typically if most places charge between $500 to $2,000 for PRP (based on national averages) I would be wary of someone offering the treatment for 300. Where PRP is certainly less expensive than surgery, there are still cost involved in doing it the right way. The equipment in commercial PRP kits used to harvest the platelets are not cheap and are necessary to extract the highest quantity and quality of regenerative cells that a patient would want and need. The experience of the physician is also important as there are several nuances involved in regenerative medicine in PRP injections that are learned over time and with experience.  At NovaGenix we have helped hundreds of patients recover with PRP and have one of the most highly trained, educated and qualified teams in the area. Feel free to call us for a FREE consultation to learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma and how PRP can help you improve the way you live your life without pain without having to have surgery.

learn more about PRP injections near me here

609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida. 33458

Monday, May 21, 2018

Interview With NovaGenix: South Florida Anti-Aging and Hormone Therapy and PRP/Stem Cell Clinic.

The Top Rated Anti-Aging Clinic In South Florida Talks About How They Opened Their Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale Hormone Replacement and PRP/Stem Cell Clinics.

We had the pleasure to be approached by Voyage MIA Magazine which showcases success stories in the South Florida area. You could read the full article about us HERE where we talk about the genesis of NovaGenix and all of the services we provide men and women in South Florida. Men with low T can come in to boost their testosterone levels with our all-inclusive TRT programs. Women suffering from hormone imbalance possibly due to thyroid disorders or menopause can receive hormone replacement therapy otherwise known as HRT. We are one of the most experienced Platelet Rich Plasma therapy clinics in the state of Florida having performed thousands of successful PRP injections for conditions like arthritis, osteoarthritis, acute injuries and cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation and hair loss. We also perform stem cell therapy, which can treat a variety of medical issues for people regardless of age. We have helped countless patients regain their health through medical weight loss programs that are customized by our physician to help shed unwanted fat, to improve health and quality of life.  

To learn more about NovaGenix visit us online HERE and to schedule an appointment or to come see us in person, give us a call at 561-277-8260 and stop by at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida 33458

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What is Testosterone And Why Do Men Need It?

NovaGenix Testosterone Therapy in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale for Men with Low T

Most people know testosterone as the hormone which is responsible for developing male secondary sexual characteristics. But….What is testosterone? We know that hormones are simply chemical messengers that we produce, which will initiate important changes within our body. Testosterone is not just produced by men but by women as well, Just in much smaller amounts. Overall, testosterone is essential in proper hormone balance for both sexes however it’s influences are seen most profoundly in males, specifically during adolescence where the physical changes can really be seen. Testosterone by definition is an androgen which is synthesized primarily in the testicles within Leydig cells. The cells receive chemical messengers produced by the pituitary which then signal the production of testosterone in the testes. The Hypothalamus gland located in the brain regulates the amount of LH and FSH to be released, so that we may have a proper balance and regulation of hormones. Testosterone regulates a variety of functions for men. Some of which may include:
  • Libido and sex drive
  • Building of lean muscle mass
  • Burning fat
  • Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation
  • Bone mineral density
  • Production of sperm
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Mood and energy regulation

When men have hypogonadism or low T, they often experience a variety of symptoms, which an experienced physician may be able to use to help diagnose andropause. Some of the symptoms one may experience could be some of the following:

  • Having a low sperm count
  • ED or erectile dysfunction
  • Gynecomastia or enlarging of the breast tissue
  • Reduced libido
  • Reduction and loss of body hair
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Decrease in strength
  • Increased body fat
  • Mood swings and irritability depression 
  • fatigue
  • Mental fog
  • A lack of enjoyment in life

Testosterone levels will start to decline naturally in life as a male gets older. The effects of testosterone levels declining and men as they get older have become more prevalent and it even has a name called late-onset hypogonadism. It’s estimated that close to 50% of men have andropause or low T by the time they reach their 40s. The number of men being diagnosed with deficient testosterone levels has increased significantly over the past several decades. There are many reasons that a male may suffer from low testosterone. Obviously, age is one, but other factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, medications, general health and wellness may also play a factor. Sleep patterns, stress, diet and physical activity can also play important roles in testosterone production. There are many negative side effects to having low T, however with testosterone replacement therapy, one can mitigate these negative medical conditions which could be a result of low testosterone, like metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease. By taking supplemental testosterone, one can increase their hormone levels via TRT so that their hormones can be optimized to help improve their overall health and quality-of-life. A physician monitored, and prescribed testosterone therapy protocol can help to reduce any likelihood of negative side effects associated with TRT and can only help to improve the overall health and wellness of the patient. There’s many options available for men who wish to start testosterone replacement. Whether it’s testosterone injections, gel, HCG or other testosterone boosters, it’s important to seek the medical advice from an experienced physician who understands the intricacies of hormone replacement. Making sure that all hormone levels are in balance is the key to helping the patient achieve the best possible outcome. This requires frequent blood work and monitoring of the results so that any adjustments to the medical protocol can be made. Typically, men who start testosterone replacement therapy will all agree that the difference is night and day between how they felt prior to starting therapy and after. The results will typically take several weeks before the hormones have completely saturated the body and the benefits can begin to be noticeable. Anyone who may be interested in testosterone replacement therapy can give NovaGenix a call and set up a consultation to come in where we would arrange for your bloodwork to be drawn as well as a physical exam and medical consultation with our board-certified MD, and internal medicine specialist with almost 20 years worth of experience in hormone replacement therapy. With locations in Palm Beach County at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Suite 106, Jupiter, FL 33458 and in Broward County at 2740 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, we have location is convenient for men in South Florida looking for a TRT clinic. Learn more about visiting us online at the following webpages and find/follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Help For Erectile Dysfunction at NovaGenix: ED/PE Treatment in South Florida

What To Do About Erectile Dysfunction: NovaGenix ED/PE Treatment Options in Jupiter, Florida

NovaGenix antiaging wellness is the leader in men’s sexual health and regenerative medicine. With various treatment options for erectile dysfunction, our success rate is over 97% for men coming in to see us for treatment of ED or PE. There are many claims about treatment options for erectile dysfunction claiming The benefits of various non-invasive techniques, yet despite the claims, the results are mixed at best. The other issue with various acoustic pressure wave therapies and infrared lasers to try and stimulate blood flow and nerve growth is that these procedures may take several weeks and even months to begin to notice any type of improvement and cost thousands of dollars and up for results that may never happen.  Check out our webpage here:

At NovaGenix, we have multiple options to treat ED based on each individual‘s unique medical situation. At NovaGenix we appreciate and respect both your privacy and time so you will receive custom an individualized patient care with our experienced medical team and board-certified licensed physician. Will determine the exact cause of your medical conditions to help create a customized treatment program to improve your sexual health. As we age, most men will experience declines in their ability and sexual performance, but with treatment programs at NovaGenix erectile dysfunction no longer has to be an inevitable part of getting older. 

With our treatment programs, we will let you enjoy an active sex life once again and build both your confidence and quality of life as a result.
Based on the conversation between you and the doctor, we will custom tailor a plan to move forward and even test The medication at your first appointment to determine the proper strength and dosage required to let you enjoy a normal, happy and healthy sex life once again. To learn more about our erectile dysfunction treatment programs give NovaGenix a call at 561-277-8260. You can also email us at where we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

 Learn more about generic Cialis here:  
 Learn more about generic Viagra here:

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TRT Near Me: Low Testosterone Therapy at NovaGenix

NovaGenix Low T Clinics for Men.  Ant-Aging and Hormone Therapy Experts.

Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale Men's Health Centers in Palm Beach and Broward

testosterone therapy clinic in palm beach and broward county for men with low testosterone

Testosterone Therapy at NovaGenix Jupiter and NovaGenix Fort Lauderdale can help men suffering from Low T recover their vitality and optimize their health through proper hormone balance.

NovaGenix Low T Clinic for testosterone treatment in Broward and Palm Beach
For patients that may be looking into Low Testosterone treatment options, The men's Anti-Aging and HRT clinics at NovaGenix has Low T Therapy options and solutions such as our all-inclusive TRT programs for men with andropause. With locations in both Jupiter and Broward county at NovaGenix Fort Lauderdale. We provide testosterone therapy options for our patients that can address all the questions that men have regarding their hormone levels and the best way for them to be optimized to treat hypogonadism. With many differing opinions on testosterone injection therapy and what the best approach may be, one should learn the facts about TRT and things such as Low testosterone supplements, testosterone cypionate injections, testosterone therapy side effects and testosterone replacement therapy costs. From that point you’ll have a good understanding if TRT is a viable treatment option that one may want to start and if they should visit a Low T clinic like NovaGenix that can help you feel more energized as well as to build more muscle, burn unwanted fat, improve your libido, improve mood and feel more like the old you.
A big misconception is that there isn't a great deal of medical decision making behind TRT, or that it's uncomplicated. There are many physicians, unfortunately, who will prescribe testosterone yet have limited true clinical knowledge and experience with things like what the right dosage for testosterone therapy is, as well as what the best protocol is to keep hormone levels properly balanced are. It’s very important to get the advice from a true specialist in TRT and a speak to a TRT Doctor with experience in testosterone therapy.

 To get started on hormone therapy, a male will need a blood test that checks free and total testosterone levels as well as estradiol levels, PSA for prostate functioning and liver, kidney functions. You will also get you complete blood cell count and a metabolic panel which is crucial in determining if you have low t  and if trt is a good option. Keep in mind, there is much more than just the blood tests that will help determine if you need hormone replacement therapy. Decreased energy levels and fatigue, slow and steady weight gain, la noticeable loss in muscle tone and mass and decreased sex drive, and even possible depression and mood swings could be strong indications that your testosterone levels may be low. Your past medical history, blood testing and a physical medical exam are all very important for helping the physician make an accurate diagnosis if you have Low T.

The best TRT clinic in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale is NovaGenix AntiAging and HRT
Visit NovaGenix in Jupiter Florida located at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. or for patients that are located in Broward County, please visit NovaGenix Fort Lauderdale at 2740 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306., the best testosterone replacement clinic in South Florida. NovaGenix anti-Aging And Hormone Replacement Therapy clinics also help men with erectile dysfunction therapy with generic viagra and cialis as well as trimix and more. We can help treat chronic pain and injuries with platelet-rich plasma otherwise known as PRP and stem cell therapy. You can lose weight with diet and weight loss programs as well as hormone replacement therapy for women suffering from the symproms of menopause. 

Give a call today and check us out online at to find out more about how you look, feel and live better you today with our help. We have over 20 years worth of experience in antiaging and regenerative medicine. The NovaGenix medical team is led by medical director Dr. Sigman who has been treating South Florida patients with hormone therapy, and Stem Cell Treatments successfully for many years. Men and women have entrusted their healthcare to NovaGenix because of the exceptional patient care and clinical outcomes that make us the best antiaging clinic in the South Florida area. With more NovaGenix locations being scheduled to open in 2018, look us up on the web to find a NovaGenix location close to you.
Call NovaGenix Jupiter at 561-277-8260 and NovaGenix Fort Lauderdale at   (954) 282-8277 

TRT clinic near me in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale at NovaGenix BHRT and Low T center

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Treatment Options at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida.

For men looking to find options to help give them that extra "boost" in the bedroom, NovaGenix has treatment options that will help reinvigorate their love life.

Generic Viagra and Cialis and Tri-Mix can call all help males in Palm Beach Supercharge their love life again.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction. Info for men interested in root causes and possible treatment options available.

Erectile Dysfunction is an issue that most men both know and dread, even if it hasn't affected them yet. The inability to attain or achieve an erection, or impotence is a condition that most guys fear. To lose one's sex life, that which is most important to us, unfortunately can lead to feelings of inadequacy, and an unsatisfactory love life for both partners. ED can be extremely damaging to a guys confidence and self-esteem. It will often not just affect, but destroy the relationship between him and the partner who is caught in the middle. Research shows that close to 30 million American men may suffer from Erectile Dysfunction on a permanent scale, and nearly 100% of all men will eventually have to deal with periodic times when ED may be an issue, though be it a temporary one. Now this may be troubling to some men, but there is good news... the fact is almost 100% of men who seek treatment, will be able to get help in the form of ED medication and alternatives so that they can regain control of their sex life... 

With current advancements in pharmacology, patients can see urologists, endocrinologists or internal medicine specialists that specializes in ED treatments. There are also ED clinics which specialize in treating men with erectile dysfunction. These men's wellness centers have the expertise to provide treatments and alternatives for those men who need help with ED.

What causes ED?

For generations ED was seen by many as a psychological problem in men or just the normal process of aging with no solutions. It was a taboo subject that guys would keep to themselves as it was a cause of embarrassment. With more recent advancements in science, social policies and research, we have new knowledge about impotence. We know that there is more than just aging and psychology to blame. Even though, as men get older it will take them slightly longer to get an erection, ED is not an age problem. The truth is that typically, erectile dysfunction  in men over the age of fifty, there may be physical conditions that cause the problem.
A few of  of the main causes of ED in men who are older might involve the vascular system. Issues with the blood supply to the penis is a major contributor to ED. 
Also, its proven that smoking causes constructions within the capillarity, and that means many smokers will start to eventually experience symptoms of ED. Chronic medical conditions like obesity, Diabetes and atherosclerosis are causes. It's known that as much as one out of every three diabetics experience some form of ED. 
Another major cause is hormonal imbalances. In men, low testosterone levels cause a disruption in a man’s abilities to physically engage in sexual activity so getting tested and starting TRT may be a viable option that has additional benefits to health and quality of life as well.

Drugs and alcohol will also contribute. Sometimes men will be unable to perform because of intoxication, or  Because the processes which control the flow of blood going in and out of the penis is through our nervous system, certain medications may interfere with the signals and may be another huge contributor to ED in men of all ages. Some potential medications could include several types of prescription stimulant and antihistamines as well as blood pressure meds and diuretics. Also it's possible that sedatives and medication for cancers and anti-depressants can cause erectile dysfunction.. It’s important to let your doctor know about all  the various side effects you are experiencing with any medications, so that they could  offer alternatives when possible and find alternative treatments if suitable.

With younger guys, Erectile dysfunction can be even more difficult, as it's not expected, normal and  traditionally had been seen as a weakness and deficiency in their manhood which was causing this. caused by a variety of reasons. Interestingly, one of the major factors for ED in young men is going to be psychological in nature. Occurrences of past sexual abuse, an individual's  fear of intimacy, personal  feeling of inadequacy, depression and fatigue as well as stress, may all contribute. Unfortunately, when ED does happen for men in their 20's, 30's or 40's, it only exacerbates the psychological pressure that's placed on a man and it becomes increasingly likely that the condition will continue and the situation often worsens as sex is associated with anxiety.

How to get help for ED?

Depending on where you live there’s going to be several options for treating ED. An experienced urologist or endocrinologist may be able to provide help depending on your condition and whether it's caused by a vascular or hormonal issue. For those with psychological reasoning behind their ED, a Psychologist or other mental health counselor, will be helpful. There’s many different ED clinics and doctors that specialize in ED therapy. Prescription medication such as Viagra or Cialis or their equally as effective and ore affordable alternative, generic versions of Sildenafil and Tadilafil are often very effective. At NovaGenix, located at 609 N. Hepburn Ave., Jupiter, FL 33458, we have helped hundreds of men in Palm Beach County and South Florida regain their ability to have sex. Even if those medications dont work or aren't an option for you, we have alternative that DO. Just call and scheule a free consultation to learn more. If you’d like more information on ED, it’s causes and treatment options then feel free to visit our website link below for some more educational material, or call us today at 561-277-8260.