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Increase Low Testosterone Levels in Jupiter, Florida with TRT programs at NovaGenix

testosterone levels after weight training in Jupiter,at NovaGenix  Low T therapy in Palm Beach

Many factors contribute to how or why one one particular individuals levels may vary. The brain and pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain control production of testosterone by the testes. From there, testosterone moves through your blood to do its work. Interestingly, testosterone levels change from hour to hour. They tend to be highest in the morning and lowest at night. Testosterone levels are highest in men around the ages of 20 to 30 and slowly decline after age 30 to 35 by 1% to 2% annually.

For various reasons, testosterone levels in a male can become, and remain too low. Less frequently, testosterone levels can become too high.  When T levels are not in balance, health problems can result. If you are experiencing any symptoms of low T, you can easily get your levels checked and determine if there is an underlying cause. Fortunately there are options available and you can get treatment to fix hormone problems.

Exercise and Strength Training (Weight Lifting)
low t therapy in Jupiter at NovaGenix can help men raise hormone levels in Palm Beach County with TRT
One of the best ways to remain in good health and to prevent several lifestyle related diseases is to exercise regularly. Studies have proven that it can also boost your testosterone levels.
A recent study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that men who exercise regularly have higher testosterone levels. In older males, exercise increases testosterone levels, overall fitness, reaction time and quality of life as well.  
A separate study in Japan found that increased energy in obese men had a greater effect on increasing testosterone than a weight loss diet. Where losing weight is certainly beneficial, the body produces more testosterone as a reaction to a strength and conditioning program used for the same purposes. Resistance training is key for both short and long term T boosting.

Consume Protein, Fat and Carbs 

proteins and carbs and cholesterol raise testosterone and help synthesize hormones in the testes with help from leydig cells

Your diet is a huge factor when it comes to the impact on testosterone as well as other hormones in the body.
It’s extremely important to monitor your long-term caloric intake and diet. Fluctuation and random dieting or fasting may have a detrimental effect on your overall hormone balance and production. Eat the proper amounts of both protein and healthy fat to ensure that your body can produce the proper amounts of testosterone and other hormones.
Carbohydrate intake also plays a role, with research showing that carbs help with optimizing T levels when exercising and resistance training. The body needs proper nutrient and energy stores to exercise effectively and limit cortisol production. A low card diet may limit the energy levels that are available to the body and deplete fat as an alternative energy source. Fat is essential in T production so this may begin to cause a reduction with the body in being able to produce testosterone.
In short, don’t overeat or restrict calories too much for too long. Maintain a health balanced diet and your T levels will rise.

Reduce Stress and Cortisol

cortisol increases cause a decrease in testosterone levels in men with low T at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

Long-term stress is a killer. It elevates levels of the hormone cortisol which absolutely lowers Testosterone levels in the body. Unnatural raises in cortisol levels can quickly deplete testosterone levels in men. These hormones are in a constant balancing act. When one rises, the other is reduced. Stress and high cortisol can often lead to weight gain and the storage of unwanted excess fat around your organs and midsection (belly fat).  
This often accelerates the decline in T levels. For both optimal health and hormone levels, you should try to reduce sources of stress in your life. Live, love and laugh… Take an evaluation of what causes you to be happy and what causes stress and you will find that this will help optimize your T levels and improve your overall health and quality of life.

Vitamin D and Sunshine

raise testosterone levels in Jupiter, Florida with vitamin D at NovaGenix

Vitamin D is now becoming more recognized for its importance in the overall health of humans. Research has shown that it has various health benefits, and may also works as a natural testosterone booster. Even though it’s now known to be a vital micronutrient, close to 50% of the United States is deficient in vitamin D, with another major percentage having subprime levels of vitamin D. 
The department of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the Medical University of Graz, Austria conducted a study that showed when men increased their vitamin D levels to 3,000 iu of vitamin D per day that their testosterone levels increased by 25%. Taking vitamin D supplements and getting some sunlight can dramatically improve your testosterone levels.  


raise testosterone in men with Low T at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

Proper amounts of sleep is equally as important for your overall health as diet and exercise is. Studies have also suggested that it may dramatically impact your body’s ability to produce testosterone. The right amount of sleep will vary from one person to the next, however research has shown people who sleep just 5 hours per night to have a 15% reduction in their testosterone levels. 
Separate studies in both Europe and Asia came to the same conclusion, that more quality sleep equals more quality testosterone. In order to maintain overall health and hormonal balance, its suggested that anywhere from 7-10 hours would be most beneficial.
For more information or to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation with one of our experts, please call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260 and see if Testosterone Therapy may be right  for you.
Low T therapy and HRT in Palm Beach County, Florida at NovaGenix for men with low T to start testosterone therapy

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How Fast Will I See Improvements After I Start TRT?

How Soon Will I See Results After Starting Testosterone Therapy?

how long does testosterone teake to kick in after you start TRT in JUpiter at NovaGenix

Often patients come in and ask how long will it take before they start feeling improvements after they begin TRT. There's many different factors which will indicate the rate of which patients will begin to see improvements in their health and quality-of-life. To answer that question we will dive back into one of the more important factors which is "what are the true symptoms of low testosterone?"
NovaGenix TRT and BHRT programs in Jupiter, Florida for men with Low T

  • A lower Drive in one's desire to be with members of the opposite gender, romantically certainly one of the biggest symptoms that we see. 
  • Hormonal fluctuations mood changes and hot flashes often will be experienced by men who suffer from low testosterone levels. 
  • ED or difficulty getting the "rocket to launch off the pad" is extremely common and fortunately treatable. 
  • Decreased semen volume. 
  • Hair loss
  • Lack of energy and fatigue. 
  • Decrease in muscle mass with an increase in body fat. 
  • A decrease in bone mass. 
  • Poor sleep quality and restlessness. 
  • Mood changes, irritability and lack of focus. 

Since humans are inherently individual and unique, The rate at which one experiences improvements will vary from one person to the next. As a general reference point we have found that the majority of men with symptoms of low T who are under a physicians medically supervised hormone replacement program will see dramatic improvements. The treatment usually will start to work sometime around the 2nd to 3rd week but will become way more noticeable after the first four weeks of Therapy. The first symptom that you will notice is improved interest in your romantic Drive and often improvement in overall mood after just six weeks of treatment. Typically speaking there is a plateau between months two and three where the treatment options are kicked into high gear and patients notice markable changes and improvements. 
NovaGenix TRT programs can help you improve your sex life for men with low T in Jupiter, Florida

The best way to learn about how you can benefit from this type of therapy is to speak with me medically Licensed expert who will be able to detail how treatment works and what to expect. 

Call us today for a free consultation and to determine if this type of therapy may be right for you. You can learn why so many men have benefited from a simple phone call....Don't the life you want to live pass you by.

NovaGenix HRT and Low T therapy in Jupiter, Florida anti aging clinic

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What You Should Probably Know About Testosterone Replacement Therapy, And Why It Matters.

NovaGenix Testosterone Replacement: 

The Best Low Testosterone Clinic in South Florida.

TRT therapy in Palm Beach Florida at NovaGenix can help men improve libido in Jupiter
Have you noticed that you have less energy than you once did? Do you notice an increase in body fat when you look in the mirror and find that it’s getting tougher to lose those extra pounds than it used to be? What about a decrease in muscle tone? Do you find that its harder to sleep at night and that you’re more restless than you once were? Would your spouse say that you have less interest? What about a lack of focus? Do you find that you seem increasingly irritable and more depressed? These are all signs of low T. Here are few things to know
Hormone therapy for men in Jupiter at NovaGenix HRT clinic can raise T levels so that the men feel like they did when they were younger

Testosteronereplacement therapy is as an area of medicine that your primary care physician is probably not a specialist in. Having a physician with extensive experience in vital and will ensure optimal results. Because TRT is such a specialized area of medicine, that you see more specialty clinics. The reason being that these physicians are more capable of administering and monitoring a patient undergoing TRT than one with minimal experience.
Low T doctor in Jupiter at NovGenix to elevate testosterone levels with HRT in Palm Beach for men with hypogonadism

TRT, when administered by an experienced physician, has very few negative side effects. Although it’s contraindicated for men with pre-existing prostate cancer. Make sure to discuss all possible side effects with your physician during your initial consult.

Some benefits can be observed almost immediately, while some others may take longer. Vitality can improve in only a few short weeks. So can depression, however the loss of body fat and an increased muscle mass will take a few months to plateau. Most people however WILL notice a marked improvement rapidly and feel like a new man in just a short period of time.

low t can affect men in many ways, but novagenix hrt in jupiter can improve sexual health, mental wellbeing and quality of life

A "normal" testosterone reading can be misleading. It is important to have your total, free and bioavailable testosterone measured to get a more accurate understanding of your overall hormonal health. Whatever your levels are now don’t show a trend unless you know what your levels were years ago. So unless you have been tracking your T levels since you were in your 20’s, your lab results may not indicate how much your testosterone levels have actually declined and for how long. A reading of 500 ng/dl doesn’t seem that low on the surface but if you used to be at 1000 ng/dl, one could say you’re significantly low.

men with low hormone levels can get prescription testosterone from an anti aging doctor in our Jupiter mens wellness center in Palm Beach at NovagenixTestosterone replacement therapy (TRT) should be considered when evaluating the symptoms, not necessarily the blood values. If you a chronic lack of energy, gain fat easily, find it difficult gaining muscle (despite being on a weight training regimen), have reduced “vitality”, and feel depression quite often, TRT may benefit you greatly. Often physicians will treat the symptoms and prescribe a medication for depression, weight loss and sleeplessness. These prescription drugs have many negative side effects are often costly and only mask the symptoms. Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is a way to treat the underlying reason for these symptoms and have results that will make a huge improvement in the quality of life of the men who are on TRT.

You have multiple choices in how you can treat low T. There are creams, patches, implanted pellets yet, testosterone injections give you the best results. Ultimately you will need to decide what method best suits your lifestyle.  

In general, low testosterone, or hypogonadism, has mostly been a problem for middle age men (and older). A study in 2006 reported 39% of men over the age of 45 suffer from testosterone deficiency. A separate study stated that while 13 million men in the United States might suffer from low testosterone, less than 10% get treatment.

Those numbers may be high, and reflect only the men who were clinically deficient and had been tested for their levels. It does not consider the millions of men whose lab tests say they may be either within normal levels or had not been tested for T deficiency despite showing symptoms.

Jupiter Florida is home to NovaGenix, anti aging and men's wellness which offers TRT and HRT

It also does not take into consideration the men who don't typically get their T levels tested because they are in their 20’s or 30’s and don’t make the connection between their symptoms and their T levels. Millions of them are probably deficient as well. Not just because of aging, but most likely due to environmental estrogens, pituitary and T reducing chemicals that we use every day.

It's been reported that the testosterone levels of today's average man is potentially half of what their grandfather's was at the same point in life several decades ago.

For information of how to get tested and to schedule a consultation to learn more about hormone replacement therapy, please call us at 561-277-8260 or email us at Our expert medical staff will be glad to answer all of your questions and help you decide if TRT is right for you.

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What Does Testosterone Therapy Do?

Testosterone, which is a hormone that is made primarily in the testes and essential for the development of a male’s growth and masculine characteristics. Testosterone production peaks during adolescence and early adulthood. After that, it’s bioavailability and natural levels drop slightly each year at a rate of approximately 1% a year.
Testosterone plays a significant factor in the production and building of muscle mass and strong bones. It is also responsible for men’s deeper voices, and it contributes to male’s “vitality”. Low testosterone levels in a man is called hypogonadism.
Women also produce testosterone, but in very low amounts. In women, the ovaries and adrenal glands produce the hormone.

Healthy Heart and Blood

A healthy heart pumps blood throughout the body, which gives our muscles and organs the oxygen needed for optimal performance.
Low T levels are linked to several cardiovascular risks. According to the Harvard Medical School, testosterone replacement therapy can widen the coronary arteries. This possibly can be very helpful for men with angina, chest pain, and pressure when your heart isn’t receiving enough blood.
Testosterone also can cause a rise in red blood cell counts, which is an excellent thing if you suffer from anemia (low red blood cell count). 

Less Fat, More Muscle

Leaner body mass helps keep weight in balance and increases energy levels. There has been some evidence to suggest that testosterone treatment can reduce fat and increase muscle mass and strength. This effect is more significant if one combines treatment with weight training and exercise.
A recent study tested 108 men over the age of 65 and showed that testosterone treatment significantly reduced body fat, especially in the arms and legs. Those same men all had increases in their lean mass, mostly in the torso and abdominal area. The men had been treated with testosterone for 36 months.

Stronger Bones

It’s no surprise that stronger bones help support your muscles and internal organs, which will help boost your athletic performance. As we age and our testosterone levels decrease, so does our bone density. This increases our risk of osteoporosis and the possibility of fracturing bones. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that older men can improve their bone density by starting a regimen of testosterone replacement therapy. This is even truer of men who had very low testosterone levels before beginning therapy. 

 Better “Vitality and Vigor”

Testosterone levels naturally rise in response to arousal and activity. Testosterone levels fall off during long periods of abstinence. In turn, more testosterone boosts that certain desire, continuing the cycle. Testosterone has been shown to have a positive effect on a man’s drive and performance. Studies have also showed that women are more attracted to men who have higher levels of testosterone.
Testosterone also affects a woman’s  drive. According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s not a great deal of studies about long-term safety in women, so doctors are most likely reluctant to prescribe testosterone to women.

Improved Mood

The evidence is quite clear, though, that low testosterone significantly affects mood in hypogonadal males. Multiple studies using testosterone therapy have shown that testosterone therapy affects mood favorably. It’s also worth noting, several studies have shown that mood improves rapidly in a matter of days or weeks rather than months. For example, one study on Androgel showed that almost all the improvement in mood happened within 30 days in men on Androgel. Androgel is not known for really pushing one's testosterone levels that high.  Men on injections or pellets will undoubtedly feel even stronger and more rapid elevations in mood. 

For more information on treatment options and how you can get started on a treatment program today, please call 561-277-8260 or email us at and we can schedule a FREE consultation to discuss the many benefits of low T therapy and how we can change your life today.

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Hormone Replacement Doctors in South Florida. NovaGenix 561-277-8260

Why Testosterone Therapy Will Change Your Life


Like with most medical treatments, including hormone replacement therapy, there is always the potential for side effects. Typically, side effects are uncommon during testosterone therapy and a good physician will be able to minimize risks while enhancing the positive benefits due to a thorough exam and screening/monitoring process. The medical staff at will ensure that you are provided with the safest, most comprehensive treatment available to help make you feel like the old you, once again.
All patients are unique, and thus it is important to create an individualized treatment regimen for patients with low T. This is why an experienced, licensed internal specialist or endocrinologist is pivotal in your health and well being
What are the benefits of testosterone therapy in men? There are many.
The medical term for low testosterone is hypogonadism. This happens when the testicles, for a variety of possible reasons, are producing not enough testosterone and patient may be at risk for other health problems. Low testosterone can cause the body to deliver less oxygen to the individuals cells, increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack, bone density loss, decreased muscle mass, and, in a very large number patients, erectile dysfunction (either total or partial).
Male hypogonadism can typically be characterized by an androgen deficiency and often infertility. Hypogonadism may be caused by disorders at the endocrine level, either the hypothalamic or pituitary level or by dysfunction within the testes. Testosterone replacement therapy may be necessary in all hypogonadal patients, due to the fact that androgen deficiency causes slight anemia, changes in parameters of coagulation, a decrease in bone density, atrophy of the muscle mass, decrease in sexual function and alterations of mood and cognition.
For men who start therapy at, they can expect to see the following results and benefits in only a few weeks.
• Improved sexual drive and vitality, ability and frequency.
• Increased bone density.
• Increased muscle mass and greater strength
• Decrease in body fat, especially the stomach and love handles.
• Be in a mood and improve the quality of life.
• Increased energy levels and better sleep at night.
• Improvement in brain functions and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s
• Better regulation of blood glucose and lower your risk of diabetes
• Greater nitric oxide production and more oxygen delivered to cells.
To restore testosterone levels to be within normal ranges by using hormone replacement therapy will improve most of the effects of hypogonadism. Most importantly, these include improvement in mood, energy levels and the patients’ sense of well-being and confidence, sexual functioning, lean body mass and muscle strength, bone density, cognition and some benefits on cardiovascular risk factors. All of the mentioned benefits make testosterone replacement therapy an important option for men looking to live a better quality of life. There are many more potential benefits such as improved work performance, greater sexual prowess, better athletic ability and women finding you more attractive to name just a few. Testosterone therapy can also help improve growth hormone levels and decrease bad cholesterol levels. Most patients who begin treatment state “…They wished they started treatment sooner…”
While testosterone therapy is not a “cure-all”, its our opinion, that the benefits of testosterone therapy when done correctly by a NovaGenix licensed physician can greatly outweigh any potential risks. If side effects do occur, which is very rare, we are available to help you address them so you can continue to receive the benefits of optimal testosterone levels through other plans that will help meet your goals to look, laugh, love and live younger today!

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What To Expect When You Start Testosterone Therapy.

    How Can I Find A Doctor Who Can Write a Prescription for Testosterone?

 As men begin to get older there comes a point in their life when they may wonder what their testosterone levels are. Often people mention that they are sick and tired of feeling tired. Embarrassed when they look in the mirror and wish they had more vigor in the bedroom. For those who decide to look into hormone replacement therapy, and start the treatment, you often hear that they wish they started sooner I have never felt better in their life. The best advice that anyone can give you regarding your testosterone levels is that if you wonder whether or not your levels are low, then you should probably get them checked. Don't wait another day, because all you're doing is delaying what could be the best decision of your life. Don't procrastinate taking steps to improve the quality of your life. 

     The first step is making the phone call. Dial 561-277-8260 and set up a free consultation with one of our clinical experts. If testosterone therapy is right for you, and like almost 40% of men over the age of 45, your T levels are below normal ranges, you can schedule an appointment to see One of our license Board certified physicians, Who are experienced in providing customized treatment programs for men just like you. If you prefer to email us to set up an appointment or consultation, you can reach us at We will respond to you in a timely manner and answer any questions that you may have. If you decide that you'd like to schedule your appointment, or like a lot of people, your schedule is busy, we can arrange for the doctor to come to you. We will schedule your actual consultation and exam and get you started on the road to feeling like the old you again. 
     You'll sit with the doctor and have a basic conversation about your symptoms and concerns. Our registered nurse will quickly and painlessly draw a sample of your blood to send out to the lab and check your hormone levels. Once analyzed the results will be sent back to the physician and reviewed. If your levels fall below normal and you qualify medically, you may be a candidate to receive bio identical hormone replacement therapy.  It's that simple. Our friendly and professional staff will be available to help you out every step along the way and be there for you after.  It's that easy to begin feeling better. Why wait? Call today to speak to One of our medical professionals to see if treatment is right for you.
"Feel like the old you, once again..."

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Palm Beach County Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment and Erectile Dysfunction Therapy.

BHRT: Hormone Therapy Clinic in Jupiter. NovaGenix Anti Aging

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or TRT for men who suffer from low testosterone has been shown, time and time again, to produce positive benefits for patients with minimal side effects. The benefits are both physical and mental and can drastically improve the w=quality of a patient’s life.
·        Increase lean body mass. Build and tone muscle. Testosterone replacement therapy produces a moderate increase in lean body mass for men with low testosterone. TRT users can typically gain between three and six pounds of lean muscle mass in the first six months of treatment. Reduce body fat mass. Eliminate extra belly fat and love handles. Testosterone therapy produces a moderate decrease in fat mass, especially abdominal fat mass, in elderly men with low testosterone. Typical fat loses for patients range between five to ten pounds in the first six months of TRT Treatments.
·        Increase bone mineral density and possibly reduce the effects of osteoporosis. Evidence shows that the benefits of testosterone therapy include the slowing or even reversing of the loss of bone mineral density due to decreased testosterone levels associated with aging
·        Improve sexual function and performance as well as increase libido. There are two essential elements of sexual function: tactile sensation (physical touch) and mental stimulation (thoughts and visual images).     

      When given to men with low testosterone, TRT increases sexual thoughts and sexual desire, hence the improved libido.
·        Improve mood and well-being, mental clarity and focus. Low T can be associated with behavioral changes which include swings in mood and well-being as well as chronic depression. Because of the association between lower t-levels and decreased mood, it makes sense that testosterone benefits mood and well-being which is what most patients report.
Some patients will see noticeable changes within the first few weeks, but most effects begin to take place over the first few months. Learn more about these benefits by visiting our website.

TRT therapy has become widely excepted as more research and studies has proven its efficacy and safeness. It’s important to have a thorough exam and consultation with a physician who is experienced in this type of therapy. As long as your team keeps you within normal physiological ranges, the risks are minimal and benefits are substantial. People have completely changed their lives and improved the way they live as a result of this type of treatment.
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Learn More About Testosterone Replacement (TRT) and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Experts In Jupiter, Florida.

Discover The Benefits Of TRT In A Professional Clinic With Experienced Doctors, Who Understand The Need For Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

As all people are fairly unique and the symptoms of having low testosterone levels will produce vastly different effects from one individual to another. Similarly the benefits bio identical hormone replacement therapy will vary as well. After you contact, and set up a free consultation, we will be able to address several of the signs and symptoms to determine if TRT is the right solution for you. 

Quite often, low testosterone (or hypogonadism) Will produce some very predictable symptoms. Feelings of fatigue and a diminished sex drive are some of the more common and universal problems associated with this condition. Often other people will experience weight gain and reduced muscle mass and definition. Mood swings are not uncommon and often men suffer will experience depression but associate it with other causes. 

Some of these symptoms may be related to low T, however there is a chance that there are other underlying medical conditions that are contributing to these symptoms. Heart disease, prostate cancer and diabetes, just to name a few. That's why its important to speak with and have an exam from a board certified, licensed physician with experience and knowledge in hormone therapy and treatment. 

What are some of the most common benefits reported from TRT?

  • Improved mood and self-confidence
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increase bone density
  • Greater motive
  • Improved levels of athletic performance and greater strength
  • Ability to achieve and maintain erections
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Better mental focus and concentration
  • Improved motivation

If the treatment program is adhered to, it can be about four weeks for the body begin to show results. If proper diet,  supplementation and exercise are incorporated simultaneously the results can be quite profound.  It's important to carefully weigh all of your options and speak to a licensed board-certified physician when considering options and looking at the treatment plans available. Hormone replacement therapy may not be for everyone, but for those who do qualify and  start therapy, the results are overwhelmingly positive.

If you have any questions or would like to speak in detail to one of our clinical experts, please contact us today at and we'll get back to you shortly or Call 561-277-8260 and Schedule a FREE consultation!!!