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What Blood Tests Do I Need To Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

What blood work is required for beginning testosterone therapy for men who think they have low T?

NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida can help get your labwork done to begin TRT in Palm Beach County.

For men wishing to start testosterone replacement therapy, it’s important to make sure that you get the right blood tests to determine if TRT is something that would be beneficial to them. It’s important for men to properly monitor their hormone levels by performing the right labs and blood work to ensure that their hormone levels are balanced and optimized so that they can begin to feel their best and get the most health benefits from treatment. Lab results a physical exam and an ADAM Test (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males) (Click HERE to take the ADAM test online)

At a minimum, to start testosterone replacement therapy, the following panels listed should be performed, but are by no means the only tests that could or will be performed by your provider. More thorough panels are great in the sense that more information is always a good thing regarding your health, however the more comprehensive the blood tests are, the more expensive they can be, so ask ahead of time how much labs will cost to start TRT through the clinic as some business charge more for labs than others.

At a minimum to start Low T therapy, we would start with Total Testosterone. Most men who start TRT want to see their levels rise above 500 ng/dl. This is the area where patients really see the improvements while on Low t therapy. Typical total testosterone ranges in men vary from around 250 to 1100 and certainly age and lifestyle choices will place groups within various sub-sections on this scale. For example, an active 22-year-old male will have a higher average testosterone value than a sedentary 60-year-old male averaged out across the population. All research and literature point to the benefits of TRT on an individual’s health with having their hormones levels with the upper quartile of the standard ranges.

Free testosterone is also extremely important as it measures the amount of bioavailable testosterone in the body. Many patients come in with their serum or total testosterone levels seemingly normal, however, their free testosterone tells a different story. Many patients may have testosterone being tied up or bound by Albium or sex hormone binding globulin, (SHBG). Despite the testes producing a significant quantity of testosterone, there is very little left to be used for the individual which will lead them to feel the symptoms of male hypogonadism, so we need both values of Free and Total Testosterone to diagnose and treat men.

Estradiol is another important test for men thinking about starting HRT. We often find that healthcare practitioners who are not as knowledgeable in HRT as they should/could be, will neglect to run this test. The reality is a male’s estrogen levels are extremely important in how they feel. You want your estrogen levels to be neither too high, nor too low. Knowing your estradiol levels will allow a practitioner to prescribe the appropriate estrogen blocker and help determine the amount of aromatization of testosterone into estrogen. Determining your baseline and seeing how much it changes while on TRT is important in making sure that the patient feels better while on treatment. When estrogen levels are too low, a person may become fatigued and if estrogen levels are too high, they may develop unwanted symptoms like gynecomastia and/or have mood swings, low libido, muscle loss, ED and more. Knowing your levels will help the physician in adjusting medications properly and allowance for successful treatment.

PSA or prostate specific antigen is an important test for starting TRT. Is the first step in determining whether or not there’s potential enlargement/cancer of the prostate. The American Urological Association has come out with the definitive report that states testosterone therapy does not cause prostate cancer, however, in some patients there could be some enlargement which is not advisable for someone with prostate cancer. By assessing the PSA, a skilled physician can evaluate the lab results and determine the risk factor. If the PSA is over 4.0, it’s recommended to follow up with the urologist and possibly get an ultrasound to evaluate the possible risk of prostate cancer or tumors.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Help Pro Athletes Recover From Injuries at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

CBS12 News Reporter Kara Duffy Visited NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida To Learn About PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Treatments.

Watch Full Interview By Clicking The Image Above

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Helped ProFighter and BJJ World Champion Herbert "The Blaze" Burns Heal From Knee Injuries In Time To Compete For Another World Title.

Having treated hundreds of patients with platelet rich plasma including professional athletes, first responders, veterans and more... NovaGenix is the premier anti-aging and regenerative medicine clinic in South Florida.

Recently in our Jupiter, Florida clinic, we were interviewed by CBS 12 news reporter Kara Duffy on the process and procedures involved with PRP therapy. It starts with drawing a small amount of a patient’s blood and concentrating the platelets. We can then inject them into the point of injury or chronic pain to help the body heal faster and more effectively. We can help patients heal faster so that they could continue competing without the need for surgical intervention and lengthy recovery. We’ve seen men and women well into their 70s and 80s recover from conditions like chronic back, hip or knee pain which had been preventing them from doing the things they enjoy like playing golf, walking on the beach with friends or just about any hobby you can think of.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about platelet rich plasma therapy can watch the full feature from CBS 12 news by clicking here, or you can call NovaGenix which is located at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Suite 106 Jupiter, FL 33458 at 561-277-8260 or visit us online at

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Why Testosterone Therapy May Be The Answer You Were Looking For. Jupiter, Florida's TRT Experts Explain.

Why TRT can change the way you look and feel.

Testosterone Therapy in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix is Palm Beach County's leading TRT clinic. 

Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment that most men don’t think about in their 20s or 30s, or if they do think about hormone therapy, they think that it’s something they’ll deal with in the future when they’re much older. The reality is, low testosterone levels choose us for a variety of reasons, whether it’s genetics, lifestyle choices, stress or medications. TRT is the lifeline that will provide us with a chance to regain vitality and see amazing benefits for our health and happiness which will increase our overall quality of life. What typically shocks and surprises most men is their actual hormone levels when they finally do get tested for Low T. We’ll see men come in who seem to look completely normal.  Have even worked with professional athletes that are in the prime of their athletic careers but when they get their blood work back it shows that their testosterone levels are in the lower quartile of normal ranges. The signs and symptoms of andropause may be there, but most people tend to attribute their fatigue, weight gain and mood swings to work, family and life beating them down. As it turns out, many men have been experiencing the symptoms of low T for years but didn’t realize the exact cause. 

For those men that decide to start TRT, usually, it comes after a lot of online research and deliberation. Unfortunately, we have found that many physicians are shockingly unknowledgeable when it comes to proper hormonal balancing which is why we suggest coming in to speak with our physician who is experienced and trained in hormone replacement therapy.
There have been many articles and pieces of misinformation which have cast some negative light on testosterone replacement therapy. Despite current scientific and medical studies proving the safety and efficacy of TRT, many primary care physicians still know little about TRT. Many patients come to us with concerns about things that they’ve heard or read that are simply not true. Some men tell us that they don’t want to get big and bulky, while others are afraid that they’re going to get angry and potentially violent. This couldn’t be further from the truth. TRT on a therapeutic protocol under the proper supervision of a licensed and experienced physician will cause a man to trim down and tone up, but not become overly muscular. Once they start feeling better, TRT helps to regulate their moods and improve their overall wellness so that they are indeed happier and less cranky. More than one occasion we’ve had women thank us for “bringing their husband back.” 

TRT helps men look and feel better, and the benefits are quite evident. Everyone responds a little differently to TRT with regards to what benefits they experience first. However, many of the improvements that they’ll see and experience within the first month of starting therapy is just the beginning. Most men will continue to improve throughout the next several months, but we always tell patients that everyone is unique and will experience changes at their own pace. Some men see a difference in a week, others take a month. Only time will tell, however after 2 months, one will certainly see the difference.
Some of the benefits that many that our patients will begin to notice, is an improvement in their performance at the gym. Their workouts improve, and their recovery time is decreased allowing them to experience a dramatic improvement in their physique and energy levels. This also results in a physiological change as testosterone replacement will help to increase muscle mass. We’re not talking about an individual gaining 30 pounds of muscle while on TRT, but they will see an improvement in size, strength, and definition. Many men will lose 5 to 10 pounds of fat and gain 7 to 10 pounds of muscle. This will certainly change and improve the way they look and boost self-confidence.

Another benefit to TRT is there increase in their romantic drive. Many patients have come in to tell us that they would rather fall asleep at 10 o’clock at night than be affectionate with their significant other. TRT will help get that drive back that they used to have when they were younger. Testosterone will improve not just desire but performance as well.
When men start feeling more energetic, with greater self-confidence, they begin to experience an improvement in their overall mood. When a person’s hormone levels are out of balance, it definitely affects their thoughts and how they feel. Often, patients tell us about how they have periods of time when they feel down in the dumps and are not very productive at work. They kind of just sit on the couch when they get home and do nothing. TRT helps patients get out of that funk and feel better and increases their ability to have an overall positive outlook on life.

When under the supervised care of an experience TRT doctor, the benefits of therapy can dramatically improve and enhance your life. TRT has worked incredibly well for many patients because they listen to the NovaGenix protocol and staff and take a proactive approach to their health. When a patient starts TRT, it’s the first step in taking control of their health. Testosterone replacement therapy may not be for everyone, so we highly encourage you to give us a call and schedule an appointment to sit down to see if you may benefit from TRT, has hundreds of patients have experienced. Click here to send us a message and take the online ADAM test to see if you may have Low T. Visit us online at and call us at 561-277-8260 to schedule an appointment. Also click here to get a FREE e-book on how to raise your testosterone

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What Is Stem Cell Therapy? NovaGenix Regenerative Medicine Experts From Jupiter, Florida Explain.

What Are Stem Cells And How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

NovaGenix from Jupiter, Florida discusses regenerative medicine in South Florida.

NovaGenix: 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida. 33458

NovaGenix Medical Director Dr. Sigman Providing Stem Cell Injections

     Often patients come into our clinic and ask us “What is Stem Cell Therapy?” We explain to our patients that Stem cells are rather unique cells with beneficial properties in helping patients recover from a variety of medical conditions. They are capable of transforming into many different types of cells and can quickly and easily replicate within the human body into whatever types of cells that need to be repaired or replaced. The use of stem cells has always shown great promise in the treatment of several medical conditions and has allowed doctors to help countless patients improve the quality of their lives through the use of these treatments.

     The regenerative properties of Stem cells play a crucial role in both the current and future treatments of disease and injuries. When Mesenchymal stem cells undergo division, the new cells can either remain the same or transform (differentiate) themselves into new cells. Stem cells are unspecialized and unique in their ability to divide and renew themselves for very long periods of time, so the process of healing continues for many weeks after the treatment.

     Fortunately, stem cells are capable of replicating themselves several times over, a process that is known as proliferation.  This process, as well as the stem cells ability to differentiate into multiple types of cells, is the basis for our treatment in our Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale clinics. Mesenchymal stems cells are currently being harvested from umbilical cord tissue and used in the treatment of many diseases and chronic degenerative conditions like arthritis and neuropathy, to name a few. 
     Our allogenic Cord blood stem cell clinic in Palm Beach County Florida uses only the highest quality stem cells that can be infused into a patient’s bloodstream or injected locally into an area of injury or chronic pain where they may help to initiate the body’s natural healing processes our and cellular regeneration for many types of tissues or cells in the patient’s body. 

Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma Preparations at NovaGenix in Jupiter, Florida

     At NovaGenix our comprehensive stem cell treatment protocols employ well-targeted combinations of allogeneic human umbilical cord stem cells and autologous platelet rich plasma therapy to help treat diseases and conditions like:

·       Autoimmune disorders
·       Heart Failure
·       Spinal injuries
·       Neuropathy
·       Osteoarthritis
·       Rheumatoid Arthritis
·       And more….

We also treat chronic pain and acute orthopedic conditions and injuries to the:

·       Neck
·       Back
·       Shoulders
·       Elbows
·       Wrist
·       Hips
·       Lower Back
·       Knees
·       Ankles

     Stem Cell Therapy at NovaGenix can involve the injection of stem cells into a damaged area of the body, such as a patient’s knees or lower back where they can divide and differentiate into new, healthier cells and repair the damaged tissue causing the pain and discomfort allowing patients to live normal lives again and regain their ability to continue the activities they enjoy like walking, swimming, playing golf and biking for example.

Stem Cell Therapy in Palm Beach County at NovaGenix can Help Patients Recover Faster 

     Stem cells are “de-differentiated pluripotent” cells, which means that they can continue to self-replicate and divide to create even more stem cells; which will hopefully develop and grow into the specialized tissues we are trying to repair, like cartilage, nerve or muscle tissue. We often use stem cell therapy together with Platelet Rich Plasma, (or PRP) treatments. PRP is a procedure where we take a patient’s own blood and separates the platelets from the red blood cells. 
     The platelets contain growth factors and cytokines, which are the cells responsible for healing, and concentrates it to levels up to 14 times greater than the patents normal blood sample. By injecting the concentrated PRP into an area of injury, we can accelerate the process of healing by providing the body with much higher levels of the cells that it needs to repair and regenerate new tissue and cells. This is a noninvasive alternative to surgery which has helped counted patients recover from their injuries and chronic pain.

NovaGenix State of The Art Stem Cell Technologies in South Florida

     It’s an exciting time in medicine to be able to help rebuild damaged cells and tissues in the body from within.  Stem cell therapy can help a patient transform a damaged or diseased area into a factory of self-healing, so to speak. There have been many studies and research that supports the benefits of stem cell therapy. Studies conducted on patients with knee osteoarthritis, for example, showed that at the end of a five-year follow-up period, patients who had received stem cells showed significant improvement in the alleviation of pain, mobility, and repair to cartilage, bone and muscle, as compared to the control population that received no stem cell treatment. 
     Stem cell injections are beneficial because they promote the regrowth of cartilage and stop chronic inflammation which causes pain and reduces mobility. There is more work to be done but the potential for healing is no doubt exciting and a reason why stem cell treatments are becoming increasingly popular as a non-surgical alternative.

      To see if you may be a good candidate for Stem cell therapy, visit us online at or call 561-277-8260 to speak to a member of our team today. You can also visit to learn more about Anti-Aging medical treatments in South Florida.

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Where Can I Find The Best Stem Cell Therapy Clinic Near ME? in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix.

What are Stem Cells and What Does Stem Cell Therapy Do?

NovaGenix Stem Cell Clinic in Jupiter, Florida Can Help You Learn About Regenerative Medicine and PlateletRich Plasma Treatments in Our Palm Beach and Broward Locations.

NovaGenix Stem Cell Clinic located at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida 33458 is South Florida’s leading regenerative medicine specialists. Our team of medical professionals has experience in helping patients with stem cell treatments and platelet rich plasma in our Palm Beach County facility. Stem cell therapy is a medical procedure that can help you regain your active lifestyle and improve your quality of life. Patients that have chronic pain in their shoulders, knees, hips and back from acute injuries or suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuropathy and other joint pain can certainly benefit from regenerative medicine. If your daily routines are being limited because of continual pain, then perhaps stem cell therapy may be the best option to make an actual change and get you back to feeling like your old self again.

Many of our patients come to us with debilitating medical conditions who have tried traditional methods for pain relief and recovery with limited to no results. Stem cell therapy is an alternative which may provide your body the help it needs to repair damaged cells and heal from injury. If you are interested in learning more about stem cell injections, then give NovaGenix a call at 561-277-8260. We have locations in Jupiter, Florida in the heart of Palm Beach County as well as in Broward County in Fort Lauderdale.

Stem cells are interesting and the subject of much research due to their ability to both self-renew and differentiate. They can divide and replicate themselves both inside the body as well as in a laboratory setting. Very small amount of stem cells may be able to be harvested from human tissue and then grown in a Petri dish. Stem cells also have the ability to develop into multiple types of cells internally. It’s possible that a stem cell may be able to turn into nervous tissue, blood cells, bone, cartilage, muscle and more. Stem Cells, Growth Factors, and Cytokines are an essential part of the body’s ability to heal and repair damaged cells and tissue. They are critical for healing after injuries. For this reason, we use mesenchymal stem cells derived from cord blood. The MSC cells can also differentiate and develop into fat, muscle, skin, nervous tissue, bone or cartilage and more. It’s these cells which have the potential to replace and even repair damaged cartilage and tendons as well as other tissues and cells that may have been damaged from conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis and other degenerative medical conditions. 

There are many applications for the use of stem cells which is why they’re being studied for a number of reasons. Applications for brain and spinal cord injury as well as heart disease, COPD, autoimmune disorders and neurodegeneration are a few examples of conditions being researched and have shown tremendous promise in treating these diseases and conditions as well as others. 
One of the biggest areas that we see interest and successes in orthopedics. Research in literature for musculoskeletal care focuses on using mesenchymal stem cells. Patients with chronic joint pain and acute injuries can receive stem cell therapy which will help the body accelerate the process of repair in many cases. For ligament and tendon repair and joint repair, stem cell therapy is a popular nonsurgical alternative for many patients. More research and clinical trials for stem cell therapy are needed but the current regulation and acceptance of stem cell therapy in a limited capacity is giving great optimism for medical professionals and patients alike. To schedule a free consultation, give NovaGenix a call and learn more about potential therapy in one of our South Florida locations.

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Stop putting off losing weight...The excuses are getting old and you're wasting time.

Start Losing Weight NOW... Don't Wait Any Longer To Start What You Need To (And Want To) Do Today!

     On an almost daily basis, I hear from people who want to lose weight yet have excuses as to why they can't start. I need to seriously start writing some of these down. It's to the point where I have become numb to the state of denial that many people are living in. Here are a few of the better ones from this past week.

"I just went grocery shopping so I want to start after were finish the food in the house."

"I have a party to go to in a few weeks for my friend who's getting married and  I don't want to start a diet now and then have to break it for the party"

"If I wait till the end of the month, will there be better gym membership discounts?"

     Either you want to lose weight or you don't. There are no excuses that should stop you from beginning a program that will help kick-start your body into weight loss mode and improve your health. The facts are that being overweight (obese) is one of the leading causes of chronic health conditions in the United States and IT IS PREVENTABLE! 

At NovaGenix, We take a 3 part approach to weight loss. 

Diet: You must change what you eat to an extent in order to give your body the right fuel and tools to lose unwanted fat. Our dietary suggestions will help you turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Exercise: You'll need to help boost your metabolism and start the process of your body burning fat as fuel. We offer suggestions as to how you burn some extra calories and get tone and look fit.

Medication: Certain prescription medications can help boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat and shed pounds. Our doctor will devise a plan right for you.

We can make up excuses to help ourselves feel better about procrastinating when it comes to weight loss but all we're doing is delaying the process which will make you look, feel and live better.

Why wait? Help yourself NOW...

If you'd like to start a program to get you on the right path, call NovaGenix at 561-277-8260 and visit us at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida 33458

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Do PRP injections really work? NovaGenix can help answer your questions about Platelet Rich Plasma

Do PRP injections really work?

How utilizing your own blood cells can be a treatment for arthritis, muscle strains, tendinopathy, ligament tears and more. 

To answer the question whether or not platelet-rich plasma actually works, one needs to understand the idea behind PRP. By taking your own blood and concentrating just the cells that are responsible for healing the damaged cells and tissue we are able to increase the rate at which the body can actually repair itself. Often with chronic injuries that don’t seem to go away, we are constantly re-injuring and damaging those cells at a rate that’s faster than the body can actually heal. It’s a one step forward two steps back kind of process. By elevating the volume and percentage of platelets in a sample of PRP and then injecting it into the site of injury, we can increase the rate at which the body is able to regenerate the damaged/troubled cells. By stimulating the area that’s otherwise failing, we can potentially help with injuries like tendinitis and arthritis and other acute injuries so that pain is alleviated, mobility restored, and patients can return to a normal lifestyle after having suffered from a lengthy period of time with these chronic conditions an injuries. 

PRP has become extremely popular recently for multiple reasons. Two of the biggest reasons is that for one, people wish to avoid surgery and PRP injections are an excellent nonsurgical minimally invasive alternative. Surgeries are expensive and often have lengthy time frames in regards to healing, recovery and physical therapy. 
Secondly, PRP actually does work. Having performed thousands of injections, we can tell you the success rate is extraordinary. It just makes sense. Your body heals from the inside out, so we concentrate the growth factors and cytokines which are responsible for this healing process and we increase them in total volume and concentration so that they can do their work faster and more efficiently. The results that we have seen have been phenomenal. Where is there is still much research being done, we can tell you that on the front lines we have seen PRP work for a variety of tendons, ligament and musculature injuries as well as with nerve and tissue damage. 

Why does PRP work?

Platelets, as many people know, are the major clotting factors in our blood and they have some very interesting and beneficial properties making them perfect for helping accelerate the process of healing. Platelet’s play a vital role in tissue repair and regeneration particularly when they regulate Cellular migration as well as proliferation and angiogenesis. Platelets are attracted to areas where cellular and tissue damage has occurred and they begin to release several growth factors which are responsible for coordinating the healing process to begin inside the human body. Bathing the area with a tremendous volume of nutrient-rich PRP via a simple injection, we are able to stimulate the body to heal naturally. Platelets are natural anti-inflammatories so it will help reduce inflammation and patients which is an additional benefit for those suffering from conditions like tendinitis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis. PRP has even been used for facial rejuvenation and PRP for hair loss successfully. 

One of the largest problems with PRP becoming a mainstream therapy is that there are so many different ways to prepare a sample that this lack of standardization has been slowing down the forward progress of PRP becoming more universal. We can tell you that if you go to five different clinics offering therapy you will probably see five different ways in which PRP is being prepared. This is it precisely the reason why it’s so important to seek medical care and treatment from an experienced clinic such as NovaGenix. We utilize state of the art equipment specifically designed to maximize the concentration of platelets in a sample. By using the latest techniques with the best equipment on the market, we can guarantee concentrations much greater above baseline than other practitioners and have the evidence to support it. Studies have been done showing platelet concentrations and we’re confident to say that we are able to harvest billions of cells. 

With so many clinics and medical providers beginning to offer PRP, how do you know which one to choose? When it comes to your health it’s probably not in your best interest to go with the cheapest solution. You don’t always have to pick the most expensive option, but typically if most places charge between $500 to $2,000 for PRP (based on national averages) I would be wary of someone offering the treatment for 300. Where PRP is certainly less expensive than surgery, there are still cost involved in doing it the right way. The equipment in commercial PRP kits used to harvest the platelets are not cheap and are necessary to extract the highest quantity and quality of regenerative cells that a patient would want and need. The experience of the physician is also important as there are several nuances involved in regenerative medicine in PRP injections that are learned over time and with experience.  At NovaGenix we have helped hundreds of patients recover with PRP and have one of the most highly trained, educated and qualified teams in the area. Feel free to call us for a FREE consultation to learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma and how PRP can help you improve the way you live your life without pain without having to have surgery.

learn more about PRP injections near me here

609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida. 33458

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Interview With NovaGenix: South Florida Anti-Aging and Hormone Therapy and PRP/Stem Cell Clinic.

The Top Rated Anti-Aging Clinic In South Florida Talks About How They Opened Their Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale Hormone Replacement and PRP/Stem Cell Clinics.

We had the pleasure to be approached by Voyage MIA Magazine which showcases success stories in the South Florida area. You could read the full article about us HERE where we talk about the genesis of NovaGenix and all of the services we provide men and women in South Florida. Men with low T can come in to boost their testosterone levels with our all-inclusive TRT programs. Women suffering from hormone imbalance possibly due to thyroid disorders or menopause can receive hormone replacement therapy otherwise known as HRT. We are one of the most experienced Platelet Rich Plasma therapy clinics in the state of Florida having performed thousands of successful PRP injections for conditions like arthritis, osteoarthritis, acute injuries and cosmetic procedures for facial rejuvenation and hair loss. We also perform stem cell therapy, which can treat a variety of medical issues for people regardless of age. We have helped countless patients regain their health through medical weight loss programs that are customized by our physician to help shed unwanted fat, to improve health and quality of life.  

To learn more about NovaGenix visit us online HERE and to schedule an appointment or to come see us in person, give us a call at 561-277-8260 and stop by at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Jupiter, Florida 33458

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What is Testosterone And Why Do Men Need It?

NovaGenix Testosterone Therapy in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale for Men with Low T

Most people know testosterone as the hormone which is responsible for developing male secondary sexual characteristics. But….What is testosterone? We know that hormones are simply chemical messengers that we produce, which will initiate important changes within our body. Testosterone is not just produced by men but by women as well, Just in much smaller amounts. Overall, testosterone is essential in proper hormone balance for both sexes however it’s influences are seen most profoundly in males, specifically during adolescence where the physical changes can really be seen. Testosterone by definition is an androgen which is synthesized primarily in the testicles within Leydig cells. The cells receive chemical messengers produced by the pituitary which then signal the production of testosterone in the testes. The Hypothalamus gland located in the brain regulates the amount of LH and FSH to be released, so that we may have a proper balance and regulation of hormones. Testosterone regulates a variety of functions for men. Some of which may include:
  • Libido and sex drive
  • Building of lean muscle mass
  • Burning fat
  • Insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation
  • Bone mineral density
  • Production of sperm
  • Production of red blood cells
  • Mood and energy regulation

When men have hypogonadism or low T, they often experience a variety of symptoms, which an experienced physician may be able to use to help diagnose andropause. Some of the symptoms one may experience could be some of the following:

  • Having a low sperm count
  • ED or erectile dysfunction
  • Gynecomastia or enlarging of the breast tissue
  • Reduced libido
  • Reduction and loss of body hair
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Decrease in strength
  • Increased body fat
  • Mood swings and irritability depression 
  • fatigue
  • Mental fog
  • A lack of enjoyment in life

Testosterone levels will start to decline naturally in life as a male gets older. The effects of testosterone levels declining and men as they get older have become more prevalent and it even has a name called late-onset hypogonadism. It’s estimated that close to 50% of men have andropause or low T by the time they reach their 40s. The number of men being diagnosed with deficient testosterone levels has increased significantly over the past several decades. There are many reasons that a male may suffer from low testosterone. Obviously, age is one, but other factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, medications, general health and wellness may also play a factor. Sleep patterns, stress, diet and physical activity can also play important roles in testosterone production. There are many negative side effects to having low T, however with testosterone replacement therapy, one can mitigate these negative medical conditions which could be a result of low testosterone, like metabolic disease and cardiovascular disease. By taking supplemental testosterone, one can increase their hormone levels via TRT so that their hormones can be optimized to help improve their overall health and quality-of-life. A physician monitored, and prescribed testosterone therapy protocol can help to reduce any likelihood of negative side effects associated with TRT and can only help to improve the overall health and wellness of the patient. There’s many options available for men who wish to start testosterone replacement. Whether it’s testosterone injections, gel, HCG or other testosterone boosters, it’s important to seek the medical advice from an experienced physician who understands the intricacies of hormone replacement. Making sure that all hormone levels are in balance is the key to helping the patient achieve the best possible outcome. This requires frequent blood work and monitoring of the results so that any adjustments to the medical protocol can be made. Typically, men who start testosterone replacement therapy will all agree that the difference is night and day between how they felt prior to starting therapy and after. The results will typically take several weeks before the hormones have completely saturated the body and the benefits can begin to be noticeable. Anyone who may be interested in testosterone replacement therapy can give NovaGenix a call and set up a consultation to come in where we would arrange for your bloodwork to be drawn as well as a physical exam and medical consultation with our board-certified MD, and internal medicine specialist with almost 20 years worth of experience in hormone replacement therapy. With locations in Palm Beach County at 609 N. Hepburn Ave. Suite 106, Jupiter, FL 33458 and in Broward County at 2740 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, we have location is convenient for men in South Florida looking for a TRT clinic. Learn more about visiting us online at the following webpages and find/follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram