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Weight Loss Programs in Palm Beach County That Provide Results

At NovaGenix weight loss in Jupiter ,Our Sheer Contours diet program features solutions designed to help you increase energy and boost metabolism and eliminate that famished feeling. Patients who stick to our program for six weeks have reported weight loss of anywhere between 15-40 lbs. Obviously the actual weight you lose will be determined by several factors, such as how much you weigh to begin with. Its easier for a person who weight 300lbs to lose 30 lbs than an in individual who weighs 150lbs! 10% of your body mass is easier to lose than 20%. Also, how serious are you about the program. Do you follow all of the guidelines? Are you exercising the right way? We can help you develop a routine that can get you losing weight and actually getting IN SHAPE! There are many programs out there that claim to help you lose weight, however we can provide you with the tools to make that a reality.

Our mission at NovaGenix Wellness Clinic is to help out all of our patients in achieving a healthy  lifestyle and improved well-being. We have a professional, friendly, qualified staff who are highly knowledgeable industry leading experts that specialize in weight loss, BHRT and wellness. NovaGenix Wellness Clinic is committed to helping patients look, feel and live their best at any age. We provide our patients with a thorough medical evaluation, as well as the encouragement and follow up treatments that they need to be successful not just in the moment but for the rest of their lives. Health and Wellness is a lifelong commitment and at NovaGenix, we're committed to helping our patients achieve just that.

We pride ourselves on having an extremely high customer satisfaction rate and overall success of our programs. Doctor drive, and patient oriented, we succeed where the others fail If your choice is to live healthier, longer, and look better, then NovaGenix Wellness Clinic is ready to provide you with the right tools to ensure optimal health, beauty and well-being at home, work, or wherever you are.
Let us help you gain control of your life! Look, feel and live better today.

Watch the following video clip here where Dr. Sigman discusses weight loss programs and how HcG and the NovaGenix programs can help patients lose weight to help improve their health and self esteem. Having helped hundreds of patients reach their weight loss goals and improve their lives, Dr. Sigman is an expert in the field of internal medicine and will help improve your life. Call to schedule an appointment!

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Monday, March 6, 2017

When Will I See Results From Starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Why Am I So Tired? Is It Low Testosterone? Probably…

If you get home from work in the afternoon and sit down an either fall asleep or FEEL like you want to, you’re not alone. Most men around 40 come home and feel like this. Men with low testosterone levels have reported extreme fatigue and a substantial decrease in energy. Even on the weekend, you find it difficult to get motivated to start that list of chores that you’ve been putting off around the house for day, weeks, even months! You may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone if you find yourself tired all of the time, even if you think you’re getting plenty of rest, or if you are finding it more difficult to find the motivation to make it to the gym or get exercise. Even you sleep suffers. Perhaps you toss and turn and wake up several times a night. This is a telltale sign of Low T.
Testosterone plays a key role in your “drive” in both men and women. Men will usually experience a decline in drive as they age. However, someone who has low testosterone levels will most likely experience a considerably more noticeable decline in their desire to have relations. Low testosterone can also lower the drive in women, along with other influences, such as other hormonal and mood fluctuations. 

Loss of Muscle Mass From Low Testosterone

Low T therapy can improve sexual performance and improve health

Because testosterone plays a part in the building and establishment of muscle, men with low testosterone may see a reduction in both muscle mass and strength, according to the researchers at the Mayo Clinic. Even going to the gym and hitting the weights may be frustrating as the body will just not respond and put on any muscle mass. Men with low T may also see a rise in unwanted body fat. One area that is both common and undesirable, is when one develops “gynecomastia”, a condition in which they may grow enlarged breasts. Although the reasons behind this aren’t completely clear, studies have suggested that testosterone influences how your body stores fat and the buildup of fat around the chest in men is a common side effect of having low T.  

When will I feel better after starting TRT at NovaGenix, in Jupiter.?

Low testosterone therapy can build muscle in men with andropause who start TRT in Jupiter, at NovaGenix
There are several mitigating factors that will determine how fast you’ll start to see results. Some people will notice an increase in energy, motivation, sleep quality and “drive” within a few days. But that is just the beginning. It also varies from one person to the next. Underlying medical condition may influence how fast you respond to treatment. Also, how low was your base level of free testosterone when you began therapy? Are you following the doctor’s exact recommendations? Usually you’ll see results within a few weeks. The initial benefits of low testosterone injections, or TRT often continue to build as one’s treatment continues. For example, men who dealing with a loss of  “drive” will typically claim to notice an increase in their interest levels of their partner within three weeks, and often see that they return to their normal self after about six weeks. Depression may be reversed after about three to six weeks, however the most noticeable effects are typically not seen until 18 to 30 weeks of continued treatment.

Testosterone Therapy in Jupiter can Help Increase Testosterone Levels

raise testosterone levels for men with Low T in Jupiter, Florida at NovaGenix
As unique individuals, we will see peaks and valleys in our levels as we undergo therapy, which is why it’s important to have the guidance of an experience medical doctor to help and your questions and adjust treatment as needed. Underlying medical conditions need to be taken into consideration and side effects monitored. The one thing that can be certain, is that if you have low T and you begin therapy…You WILL notice a marked difference and appreciate the importance of having an experienced medical team like the one at can provide you, to best treat YOU as an induvial.

TRT helps men and women at NovaGenix HRT clinic in Jupiter, Florida

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The 6 week plan that helps people shed 20lbs or more of fat in South Florida. Broward and Palm Beach.

NovaGenix Medical Weight Loss in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale.
Our weight loss programs will help you burn fat and lose weight in 6 weeks. We use a combination approach that has helped hundreds of patients. It;s an easy process and can change your life with one call.
     Almost anyone who is interested in weight-loss has tried one of these new wave fad diets or exercise programs, spending significant money and time only to have it fail in the end. It's normally not due to a lack of trying or motivation but simply due to needing a more serious alternative to help with long-term, effective weight-loss. can help provide you with the tools and guidance needed to succeed in your journey. No gimmicks. Just medically proven facts and result driven success. We use a simple method of recommended diet and exercise changes and weight loss medication that burns fat and helps patients reach their goal weight. 

What is medical weight loss

At NovaGenix our medical weight-loss programs are designed supervised and developed by physicians and medical professionals. Our team will help teach you how to optimize your health and get you started on a customized program that will show real results. When incorporating diet as well as exercise and sound lifestyle choices, you'll have the ability to reach your goals which will help you to look and feel your best.  In some cases we can also provide FDA approved weight loss medications which will allow you to maximize your results. We have had patients lose over 30 pounds in six weeks, which has helped boost their motivation self-confidence and energy levels. We use medication like HcG, Phentermine and vitamin and amino acid blends to optimize the metabolism and turn it int a fat burning machine.

What is the NovaGenix program?

Our weight-loss programs are unique and involve  medical assistance which can provide help by changing specific behaviors such as exercise and diet. By providing nutritional guidance, education and weight loss medications, the NovaGenix sheer contours weight loss program can provide you with fast, safe and effective LONG TERM weight loss success. Where  most weight loss programs vary in there effectiveness, ours can provide real results to help turn your life around. Obesity is a serious health concern with chronic diseases like heart failure and diabetes being contributing factors to morbidity as well as severely decreasing the quality of a persons life. Our goal is to help people overcome obstacles and lose weight so that they can look good  and feel great! Optimized health starts with weight loss!

What are the benefits of a medical weight loss program?

There's many benefits to starting a medical weight loss program. To start off...they're unique,  individualized and personal. We understand that every person is unique so we customize our programs to meet your specific requirements and goals based on your age weight and metabolism. We take into account your lifestyle activity and overall health to determine how to move forward and create a program specified for you. Medical weight loss is also supervised,  meaning that you're not in this alone. We will be there to help you every step of the way and will answer any questions that you may have. Weight loss is not easy but we will make it as seamless for you as possible. We're here to help not judge. We want you to be happy and healthy and will do everything that we can to ensure your success. Medically supervised weight loss programs provide long-term success. Where these fad diets and short term crash programs may provide immediate results they are usually short-lived and don't result in a long-term success.  We will do everything in our power to give you the tools and skills to make your weight management part of how you move forward in living your life...happier and healthier than ever before. 

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